Westmarch Invitations!

As many of you know, in September we’re inviting new members to join us in the Minecraft community of Westmarch.

* eva does happy dance! * then does it again *

Here is what’s happening: (in case you’ve missed it elsewhere)

– You will have to fill out the application made available by PyroTyger and announced months ago.

– Your name will be put into a poll that will be voted on by a group of senior* Westmarch community members and by the mods of my Twitch channel.

– The poll is completely anonymous and I have no way to seeing who voted for who. Anonymous comments can be added as well.

– In short, you will be selected by the senior members of the very community you hope to join. The most votes wins.

With one exception: if Jonboybob has the most votes, but I am sent a comment informing me that AnonymousMember doesn’t really get along with Jonboybob in online spaces those votes could find themselves ignored, depending upon the severity of the problem. Fifteen votes might get Jonboybob set up to get invited, but one “I have a problem…” could get that invitation canceled before it’s even sent.

While this may seem somewhat unfair, I’m not actually keen on inviting stress/problems/negative crap/tension into my life. If Jonboybob is my personal first choice to invite but, has already shown he can’t get along with (or irritates, or upsets, or trolls) long time members of the server….well…. *shrug* I do realize that sometimes what irritates one person may simply be a matter of jest to another; but a healthy dose of self-awareness is a healthy quality to cultivate too. 😀

– Over the next few months the senior members will be doing periodic anonymous votes on Jonboybob’s continued stay with us.

Impressing Eva doesn’t mean much; getting on with my community members means everything. 😀

Good luck to all the applicants! I shall be watching the results with great excitement. 😀

*Senior is determined by how long a member has been with me, and how active they have been in that time within my Minecraft community, (whether on the server itself or behind the scenes helping me with things). My Twitch mods are included because they do the most work for me, they keep months of logged chat conversations they can pour over, and often know the online community members better than everyone else combined. They are the people that are dealing with chat conflicts and upset and have first hand knowledge of complaints that may come in. (My mods are leetz and I near always defer to their judgment. I’ve usually ended up regretting it later the rare moments I didn’t! My mods are leetz. :D)

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