Quillbriar is Born

Dear Lady and Gentlemen of Quillbriar,

I hope you are settling in and creating comfortable homes and towns and kingdoms that you will be happy to live in for a very long time.

I’ve enjoyed being invited to your areas and have found myself repeatedly amazed by the amount of creative work you’ve done already! I look forward to seeing what sort of kingdoms or countries each of you will develop. You guys rock. 😀


A few things occurred yesterday that make me feel it may be necessary to go over some items to avoid misunderstandings in the future. Here goes….


1. Roads, Responsibilities, and Public Spaces

It is my hope that each of you will be responsible for the creation of roads within your own area and our roads can join at the edges where our individual countries meet up.  Roads are public areas for the use of everyone for travel, but we are each required to create our own road system to fit our plans for our own ‘country’.  I can’t feel free to make a road where You may have a city planned! You build the road system where you want it within your country.

Buildings/castles/mines/homes/farms/etc that are in the ‘countries’ of other people are Not public areas; enter them only by invitation or prior permission.  “Breaking and entering” will get you in trouble in Quillbriar too.

Temples and ruins are public property, please do not take them apart or tear them down.  (At least for now, this could change in the future.)  If you need special blocks that are Only available by tearing down temples or ruins, ask Briarstone or I and we’ll get into creative mode and  supply you with them.


2. Good manners

I want to take this time to remind everyone that I hope each of us will:

a) create our own entire country in the world of Quillbrair
b) we will respect the rights and sovereignty of everyone else
c) we do not build, change landscape,  mine, dig, cut down trees, place items, scatter torches, etc in the ‘countries’ of others without being asked to.


3. A bit about my country – Lecleigh

Lecleigh is a whole country. It’s flag colors are blue and yellow.

I have posted this long list below in the hopes that you realize I want the same for you. Create a kingdom, a whole kingdom.  Then invite me to come and visit. 😀

Lecleigh includes:

Benlough – a mountain city directly south and on the edge of Hero’s Circle (where our opening night event was held). The bridge I removed last night was heading directly into a future home! lol
Enderman Keep and Enderman Deep
Kingdom Stud Farm
Palace yet to be named
The Cat House
The Cliff House
The Village Idiots
A Tudor Village – south of the Cat House
Various inns and watchtowers along the roads
A wizard’s tower
A hermit’s homestead (with donkey’s) 😀
An agricultural/farming area
Another village
A zoo
A desert outpost (like an Arabian style Enderman Keep)
A tree city
Scattered estates
An ocean port at the south end of Lecleigh
A possible underwater village off the coast
And whatever else I think of that will fit within the range of this area? 😀

Translation: South of the opening event circle is mine. You have all the rest of this world to build in; be free, expand at will (while respecting the rights and building of others of course).

I hate this next line – but, three different men have told me I MUST add it, because, as guys themselves, they wouldn’t “get it” if I didn’t say this bluntly…. leave my space alone, or play on another server.

The Same applies to the areas You each end up claiming – work out your boundaries, then respect them.


4. Good Neighbours and Independence

I hope that all of us will be willing to help and support each other in various projects that we each may want to attempt. I hope we can all feel free to ask for help as we need it.

I also hope we each understand that others may not have time or the energy to rush to our aid the moment we ask for it. We are each allowed to play on our own when we need to. I am hoping that we’ve created a world of neighbourly kingdoms willing to help each other, and just as important, of independent people who do not demand too much of each other.


5. Events and Group Projects

We have discussed a number of larger (group) projects to undertake in the future – if you have ideas for big things we can build together, please share them!

Moreover, it is my intent to have regular events in Quillbriar ranging from contests to holidays in which you may choose to participate. Some of these events are already in the creation stage. 😀

Right now, Briarstone and I are discussing a large central city (the first of many?) that will include:
an arena for contests,
dungeons for contests,
fair grounds for holidays,
a theater (do we have a playwright among us?),
and other public venues.

It would also allow each of us a section/neighbourhood of our own in which to build. If that sounds interesting, and you’d like to participate in its creation, please let us know.

Thank you for being part of this world. You have each added something special to my life in the last weeks and I want you to know how much I appreciate your friendships!




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5 Responses to Quillbriar is Born

  1. AnimeHero says:

    Don’t build in your area? Got it 😀

  2. Eva says:

    And… think big. 😀

    Today I’ve been flying over the continent we’re on. I could pick out 3 more places the size I’ve been playing in, have you guys pick out a total of 4 that size too, fill the server with the rest of the 25 members allowed and let them do the same, then get us all together to build 10 massive public cities and we’ll still get lost trying to find each other. I had No idea it was so big in here!

  3. JoeMinion says:

    That first rule is excellent! 😀 I can’t help but feel a little responsible (and quite a lot embarrassed) for encouraging its existence.

    Do you have any time requirements on people who join? I’ve been considering asking to join, but life has gotten very complicated lately and I can’t devote a lot of time to online duties at the moment. Things should settle down in about three months, but until then…


    How about I just ask in three months? If there is still space left then and the existing player base is willing to give me a chance, I’d be more than happy to build my own roads. 😀

    Thanks, Eva!

  4. Gslice2811 says:

    I would love to join this server, it is everything that I enjoy about minecraft all in one! I Would like to know where you recommend to download the modpack required. Also, after a lot of unsucessful searching, I am unable to find the I.P. for this server. Might I ask for a little direction from this community? Much love, thanks in advance everyone!

    • Eva says:

      My servers (I have two now) are private and by invite only. I am in the process (today) of posting rules, information, and How To Join information. Check out the new link in the top menu bar: Minecraft Server Information for all the information you’ll need. 😀

      We look forward to getting to know you.

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