It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Winterfrost!

We are having a very special event for the Winterfrost Season this year! Quillbriar and The District Land Colony are combining forces to create a special gift from Us to You!

No, I can’t tell you what! And ruin the surprise? 😀

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Hallowed Harvest Event

Tonight’s the Night! Join us for our Second Annual Hallowed Harvest event!

This year’s event will be held in Quillbriar’s colony, The District. After weeks of intensive work, the majority completed in survival mode by some incredibly talented and hard working members, the event is finally upon us.

Join us at at 6 PM EST (only 5 hours from now!) for contests, oooohs and awhs, and probably a lot of Eva Death.

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Minecraft Server Information

Those of you with a keen eye, or a vested interest, will notice a new link in the menu bar above: Minecraft Server Information.

After a year and half of answering the same questions over and over and over and over and… well… you get the idea 😀 I finally put the most common questions, problems, issues, and misunderstandings all in one place! (OMG the weeks that have gone into this project!)

There’s a lot of information there folks, and I apologize for your need to read it, but you do sorta need to read it if:

– you are already on one of my Minecraft servers
– you want to be in one of my Minecraft severs

This project (running Minecraft servers to have fun things to record (and get to do!) for my Youtube channel) reached a collapsing point this summer. I spent 9-10 days realizing that I had to close it all down. I could not keep up with the demand on my time – 80% of which was in regard to dealing with messages and questions that for the most part are simply repeats of things I’d answered a number of times in other places.

My Youtube channel was stagnant and dead, and every time I logged in there was a list of things to take care of and my hope of recording had to wait for “one more day”. I realized I had failed in what I’d hoped to accomplish. I was done. I had to close it up. And it hurt.

But, thanks to the remarkable and stunning support of Colourslide, Briarstone, Essentia, and Pyrotyger we’ve all got another chance!

We have worked weeks on covering All The Things so that your questions and concerns are answered and ready for you find on your own.

Colourslide has volunteered to take over much of the day-to-day running of the servers and HaighYorkie gets to spend his time teaching me what I need to know to be a Server Maintenance Guy of some caliber. 😀 Briarstone, Essentia, and Pyrotyger are all stepping up to help and keep things functioning. With the amount of work they are about to face it is my sincere hope they still love me in the morning! 😀

So there you are. Read the things. You have your answers. And I have time to play and record! OMG life is good. 😀

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*******Fund Raising Campaign*********

As some of you may know and some may not, Haighyorkie’s computer kicked the bucket, he needs our help to get a new one. Every dollar helps him towards his goal of 450 quid ($750 US) to get him a new computer. For everything he has done for us, he deserves EVERY penny we give back to him plus more. If you can’t donate then send him your loves, let him know you care., you will have to go through your paypal account.

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Minecraft Servers and Mods

I’ve finally sorted this out for those asking:

Our mods, textures, and how they get installed

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Livestream Today

As per Your requests over the last month: 4:30 EDT we’ll have a short livestream of opening the laptop! See you then.

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The Laptop is Home :D

I have to tell you, I’m still feeling dizzy from last Thursday night’s surprise for me created by the members of Quillbriar. And then….. ta ta ta ta ta ta taaaaa…. Subsgrey Scotty, or Greysubs Scotty, made it home!!

Yeah, the laptop, bought by You, has arrived.

I will be doing a short livestream event opening the box later this afternoon.

I’ve some meetings to attend today, but will post a time as soon as I can settle one.

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Happy Birthday Quill18!

Thank you Quill, for aging, so we had a nice excuse to sit down with friends and eat healthy and yummy food. Happy Birthday!

Gifts for the birthday boy:


Showing some off:


Low Carb Cauliflower Tots (made with cauliflower, cheese, egg and spices) = vegetable dish:


A “Super food” Salad of organic baby spinach, kale, collards, broccoli, etc. Served with olive oil and white pineapple balsamic (more veggies):


Tomatoes, fresh basil, buffalo mozzarella, olive oil, balsamic, sea salt, fresh ground pepper (more veggies). The crackers are low carb and made with almond meal; spicy cheese ball and goats milk cheese with honey to serve on them:


Tarts made of eggs, broccoli, 2 cheeses, spices (makes a great fast-food breakfast and = more veggies):


Organic filet Mignon for the meat eaters:


What a plate of healthy, all easy to make, low-carb and high-satisfying birthday food looks like (total carbs under 10-12, lots of veggies and solid nutrition:


We ate good. Washed down with dry red wine. 😀

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My new advertising campaign LOL

Thanks to Chris for this awesome idea. Someday darlin’, someday.:D


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Sunday Mornings :D

I love Sunday mornings! I hesitated for weeks to commit to a Sunday morning livestream; I really thought it would be too hard in the middle of my “work week” (Fri morning to late Mon night).

Turns out, it’s become my favorite time of the week! Thanks to everyone that shares that time with me. HUGS all round!!

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