Old and New, Sad and Happy

After a lot of thinking (agonizing) and consideration (trying to avoid it) I find myself making the following decisions regarding Quillbriar and The District…

I am retiring the Quillbriar map.

It is an old version of Minecraft, mods are not supported, and we’ve bumped up against an issue that has taken weeks and many hours of time and it’s still not “fixed’ to our satisfaction. The Quillbriar community has voted to move on.

I will privately continue to build and record on Quillbriar occasionally.

Quillbriar will be replaced with a new, updated map and a new set of mods.

The birth of Westmarch is expected within a few weeks. 😀

I am also closing The District map. And unfortunately it will not be replaced.

The more active members of the District may be invited to join Westmarch in the coming weeks/months one or two at a time.

At some point in the future (when paying for these servers is no longer an issue) I will open another server with no time/building expectations attached and all current members of both servers will be welcomed to rejoin us. All current members are invited to stay in our Skype and RaidCall accounts and continue to share the lovely friendships we’ve created.

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