The Bottom Line

All the information in this area can be distilled into two sentences, one very short, the other a bit longer:

Play nice.
The more of my time you take, the more likely you are to be removed from the server.

Let me explain ways you might you use up my time:

– Asking me questions already answered in this section

– Using mods, or misusing mods, in ways that cause reboots or restores to be required

– Causing me to write you notices about your actions or chat behavior (includes Sykpe, Raidcall, Twitter, etc) because you are not Playing Nice

– Assuming you have all the answers to everything and sending me endless messages letting me know that

– Assuming I should bend the rules for you and asking/hinting for things that this section already says you can’t have/do

– Coming to me with Great Ideas that you expect Me to work on

– Having other people write me messages about you and your behavior – which I must then deal with

– Upsetting other members of the community in such a way that causes me to have to fix something

– Taking up the time and attention of my Officers and therefore giving them more information and updates that they must pass on to me

– Not following directions during recordings or streams

– Being on a server and not building (entering these servers means I’ve already put a lot of time into You. Your not doing your part means that time was wasted)

– Coming to me with legitimate concerns or great ideas I’m happy to hear to about, but then, not having the patience to allow me to get to them when I can. Repeated messages on one topic will get you ignored; patience is a virtue (you’ve probably read that somewhere).

– Doing anything that will end up causing me to have to open more map, answer endless messages, deal with files, deal with other people, deal with mods, deal with the server, tear things down, rebuild something, replace something, clean up something, etc can all be ways You, even when you’re not around, take up My time.

Even if I love and adore you…. The more of my time you take, the more likely you are to be removed from the server. One person is rarely that big a deal; but multiply that by 2 servers and 50 accounts and I’m left with nothing in my day but messages all over dealing with Minecraft stuff. That’s just not fair. And truly, I can’t even keep up and have therefore been forced to stop trying.

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