If Disagreements or Tensions Arise

If you think someone is upset with you, or you are upset with someone else (for any reason) I expect you to approach them, PRIVATELY, and work out the issue.

If you have tried, with an open mind and kind heart, to fix the problem and it’s just not going away, then, and only then are you to go to the Officers with it. Do not assume they (or I) will “take your side”; you may just get told to grow up and go away.

If you approach someone that is irritating you, bothering you, or who has been rude to you, I expect YOU to broach the subject kindly and with the full intention of walking away from the encounter after having built a new and more understanding friendship.

If we hear you’ve “tried to fix things” and we also learn you did so in a way that was confrontational, rude, abrupt, bossy, etc you’ll be the one getting a meeting with an Officer.

Do Not Under Any Circumstance bring your conflict or upset into public chats!
“So Bobbybill Dude, are you like, mad at me or something?” or, “I don’t like what you’re doing and I think you should stop,” publicly stated or typed in our chats will land you into trouble. Statements like that can get you removed from our community.

If I learn that you are using our group as a sounding board to complain about other members and are causing divisions, or “taking sides”, you are in trouble. I will not allow my server communities to be torn apart by drama, conflict, people trying to get others “on their side”, and people who just seem to enjoy looking for things to complain about.

In short, I expect the people on my maps to Play Nice, even when in difficult situations. 😀

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