Technical Information – If a Map Crashes

Eva’s Technical Assistant: HaighYorkie

Haigh is the the go-to guy for Eva in relation to the server and its maintenance. He is her teacher and mentor and great friend.

He is never the go-to guy for members directly. His life is far too busy for me to allow that.

If a map crashes while you are on it, please follow these instructions:

If you are actually online (On Quillbriar or On The District) at the moment a map goes down here is what you do:

Post in the Skype Minecraft People Announcements group that the server is down: The Server is Down. That is all you write there.

Moreover, if you see that someone else has posted: The Server is Down, Do No Add your own comment to the list. I should only, ever, see One post letting me know the server is down.

Then send me (Eva) a PM of what it was you were doing or working on at the moment it crashed.

Anyone else who was actually on the map at the moment it crashed, please send Eva a PM of what you were doing at the time it crashed.

If you were not on the map at the moment of the crash, do not send me messages telling me that; do not send me messages similar to, “The server is down but I wasn’t logged on then.” I only want information relevant to the actual crash moment.

If you happen to have the Console log, please copy and paste that to me too.

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