Special Privileges

The General Rules for my servers are that:

– You Cannot Promote your stuff (Youtube, Twitch, event, business, etc)
– You Cannot Record on my servers

However, there can be exceptions…

If you have:

A) been on one of my servers for at least several months

B1) during that time have been an active, regular part of the community in game, as well as in RC chats*, on my Twitch livestreams*, with comments on my Youtube channel*, Skype*, etc


– logging in “regularly” (once or twice a month) to show you’re “active”, or even several days a month only to chat for a few minutes and not really build much does not fulfill B1.

– * this does not mean you have to spend hours each day building, nor does it mean you have to post comments and likes in All The Things I do!! Be reasonable. I’m sure you can figure this out. Lol

B2) AND have been exceptional members of the server communities


– meaning you are stepping up in noticeable ways to support the work of running these servers (and/or me) in one fashion or another.

Remember The RULE is no posting or recording. Posting or recording is a special privilege. I think special privileges should be given to people doing special things.


– Just a thought here: this does NOT mean, “Awesome, if I’m all “I’m the Leader” and try to show I can “run things for Eva” I’m “stepping up”. It is possible that just means you’re “stepping” into things that are going to get you into trouble. Help and support does not mean take over and get in my face. lol

C) have shown me the courtesy of informing me personally that you have a channel and you take the time to Ask for posting privileges.


– I do not want to find out someone has decided to start a Youtube or Twitch channel ONLY when I see an announcement for a video or stream in My chats somewhere. That may get you deleted without notice. I would however, love an invitation to join your channel, your Skype group, your Facebook page, etc. 😀

D) are a member in Good Standing

You can do all the items above but if you are not a Member in Good Standing, you will not get these privileges. Please see the Members in Good Standing section for more information.

E) Agree to links back to my Youtube and Twitch channels


It is my hope that this list of criteria will remove at least some of the possibly of people joining us simply to exploit this group’s incredible willingness to support and be there for others. (That has been tried; I have been told by people that they want to join us so we could help them launch a new Youtube or Twitch channel. *blink*)

This will give time for members to show they are Members and not just friendly people that like to hang around to post commercials.

This will give time for those hoping for an easy launch into Youtube and Twitch to get tired of waiting (or of having to actually build stuff lol) and wander off and take advantage of someone’s else’s kindness.

Remember, my servers are in existence and I pay for them to support My Youtube channel. If you are not doing something that supports my goals and/or allows me more time to record myself, why should you get to record for your channels at my expense, or use my hard-earned spaces to advertise yourself? That doesn’t really sound like you’d be Playing Nice does it?

If you want Special Privileges, earn them. 😀

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