Server Rules (Quillbriar, The District, and Westmarch)

1. If there’s ever a problem, at the end of the it all, Eva is always right. It’s not fair but it’s my space, live with it.

2. Good manners, generosity of spirit, kindness, respect, and empathy toward others are required. Play nice. Trolls, negative “energy”, and people who like to start trouble, will be deleted very quickly.

(This extends to all my public spaces; including Skype, Raidcall, Twitch chat, etc. All the mods/officers in Twitch, RaidCall, or other of my spaces have permission to dump anyone causing trouble without even having to tell me about it. Upset them at your peril. Officers in-game have the right to ban you without notice or warning. Upset them at your peril.)

3. Behaviour or speech that is racist, hateful, sexist, abusive, violent, etc will never be tolerated. If you don’t already respect other people and honour other cultures, you are on the wrong server.

3.a. Any person making light of the Lines We Don’t Cross (for example pedophilia or rape or violence against others) will be removed without notice. All conversations on Westmarch are logged. You have no privacy. Behave.

3.b. “We totally raped that mob,” or “dude, that was so gay!” may seem harmless remarks to many, but they *will* get you dumped from my server. I expect a high level of kindness, intelligence, politeness, and awareness from people I’m willing to hang out with. Find a better way to say it.

3.c. Swearing is not appreciated. I have children and young people on the server and in my other games. I also have adults who may not appreciate hearing f*** in every sentence. Anyone can make a mistake in this regard; but a regular use of swear words will not be tolerated. To me it would indicate only a lack of manners and respect for others.

4. I have no need to remind you of things like: don’t spam, don’t steal, don’t cut down someone else’s trees, don’t build in someone else’s area, etc, because you’ve already read Rule 2. If I have to remind you of such things in game, you’ll be playing somewhere else soon.

5. Joking around and goofing off can be the highlight of an evening. Joking around can also be annoying and irritating when not handled with an awareness of others. Practical jokes can be funny and entertaining. Practical jokes can also be destructive and unkind or embarrassing to the feelings and needs of others (See Rule 2).

If you’re “just joking around” and someone says “Please don’t do that” then the ‘joke’ isn’t funny anymore. An immediate stop and apology is in order. Continuing the “joking around” because You think it’s funny is not kind and is not good manners.

(There’s a Special Section on Jokes, if you tend to enjoy ‘joking around’ please do read it.)

6. I will be recording regularly on my server. By agreeing to join my server you are agreeing to build enough that I have something to record and publish on my Youtube and/or Twitch channels and/or any affiliated website, blog, book, recording, etc that I currently run or I may create in the future. Members of the server may be invited to join the chat during livestream server events or during some recordings.

FYI: I will never upload something that I think would be hurtful or harmful to your dignity and honour now – or in your future. However, the final decision is mine and if you’re on my server, you’ve agreed to that.

7. If I am willing to do co-livestream events and co-recordings you already know that; please don’t ask.

8. No one may record on my channel without special permission. Don’t ask for it unless you’re already sure you’ve earned it.
(There is a Special Section for information on Special Privileges if you’re interested.)

9. You cannot use my servers to advertise or promote anything. You cannot promote your channel, your business, your religion, your favorite color. This includes, by extension, all ‘online areas’ related to my servers and Youtube channel, like my Facebook page, Raidcall groups, Skype groups, Twitch chats, etc. We have enough commercials in our lives already; use Your space to promote your stuff. This is My space.
(There is a Special Section for information on Special Privileges. If you see someone posting things, that section may tell you why.)

10. Members with Ops Status are not on the server to help you with, or supply you with, or save you from anything. Please understand that; Officers are not Ops to make your life easier or be there for things you need. They are around to help Me.

Do not ask them to teleport you around because you don’t feel like walking, or to give you materials you can mine for yourself, or run over to see every new block you’ve laid that you want to show off. They like to play the game too, leave them the opportunity to do that! I am very protective of my in-game Officers and chat Mods; it’s good to keep that in mind.
(There is a Special Section on Officers if you require more information.)

11. Do not build anything out of “Your Country” area (which is pretty darn big) without permission from me or my Second in Command. Expansion and moving is allowed, but not until certain requirements are met.
(There is a Special Section for Expansion, read that before asking to move into new spaces.)

Moreover, I do expect a certain amount of building “at home” before you’re taking over the rest of the world. You are being invited to build a Country; you are not being invited to put scattered buildings all over the map.

12. I will require your real name and contact information, and perhaps permission from your parents, to invite you to the server. I will send invites for Skype to those that use it and you will be required to join two Skype groups. I will never share your personal information with anyone other than trusted people with Op status that may require that information for the running of my server.

13. Last and Really Important: YOU are being invited to my server. Only you. (See Rule 2 regarding good manners.) I am not inviting your dad, your cousin from out of town, your girlfriend, your husband, your best friend since grade school, your big brother, nor anyone else you love and trust. I don’t know them, I didn’t invite them, keep them out of my home (See Rule 2 regarding good manners.) Keep your passwords private; and you are responsible for everything related to your account whether it’s “your fault” or not. (If your best friend swears at a 12 yr old girl on my server or starts building where he shouldn’t be you will lose your account.) If I suspect someone else is using your account I’ll remove your access without notice.

The short version of all this writing is simple: Act mature, stay self-aware of how your actions affect others, be kind, and respect others in all aspects of our life together. Assume the best of each other; look for what’s good in your fellow members. Life is good. 😀

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