Seniority Counts

If someone has been around for a long time, it’s clear we’ve worked out the kinks and I have come to trust and respect them. 😀 If you’re new, that may not be the case yet. While no one can feel they are above the rules and are totally “safe”, seniority does count.

If I become involved in a problem between you and someone that has been with me a long time (example: Emma, Timberfawn, Flyingscotsman, etc) will I “take their side”? No. But will their word have more impact on my choices than yours? Almost definitely.

Is that fair? Probably not, but it’s still the truth. However, remember… the day will come when you are one of the “old timers” and enjoying the same status.

Be warned however… I expect an ever rising Higher Standard of Behavior as people move up in Seniority. I expect more from people I’ve come to trust, not less. Newer people will get soft messages, tact, and patience when dealing with issues that arise. My friends just get yelled at. Ask Briar, Haigh and Colour about that. LOL

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