Respect the World You’re In

These worlds are mine. While I’ve given you a “guest room” (your own country) and allowed you to decorate that room how you chose (how amazing is that?) that ‘room’ is in My House.

I want you to think of your time on my servers as you being a guest in my home. You are a dear and valued guest, but a guest nevertheless. The day may come when you leave for other things, but I’ll be the one still here having to clean up whatever mess you leave behind you.

Treat my home with respect.

Don’t litter, don’t blow stuff up, don’t steal my things. If it’s not in your “guest room” (your country) it’s my stuff. Taking my stuff (mining out of your country, cutting down trees not in your country, etc) will be viewed exactly as if you have stolen from me. I will react pretty much the same way I would if you came to my house and stole my things here. (There are some boring practical reasons behind this ‘feeling’ and if you ever get to join us I’d be happy to chat with you about them.)

When I’m in game and in “my room” (my countries) I expect you to treat me and my space exactly as you would my bedroom at home. Don’t walk in without ‘knocking’ or an invitation. Don’t take my things, don’t paint my walls, don’t rearrange my furniture as a “surprise” for me.

In short, don’t wander over and take over my builds or touch a thing unless I’ve invited you in and asked for your help. I won’t appreciate unwanted “help” and will treat such as an intrusion and lack of respect. I play Minecraft because I love the game! I don’t need someone’s unwanted “help” taking that fun away from me. I *want* to build! That’s why I’m here. 😀

Even within your own country, treat it with respect and kindness. Take care of it. You cannot use temples, villages, or any world created building as cheap and easy materials to rip apart and loot. You cannot tear them down.

However, you can live in the villages, expand on them, and even change them in some ways. But take note: if you make changes that I end up hating, you will be required to fix it or put it back to it’s original condition. This is very much an individual circumstance…. feel free to make changes but tread carefully while doing so. A guest in my home would not be allowed to blow up walls and rip out floors.

Play nice. I’ve entrusted you to share something important to me; I expect you to realize that and act accordingly.

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