Play Nice

There was a time I thought, “Play Nice” should be all the rules and explanations I’d ever need. Now I know better. 😀

Dictionaries define Nice as: pleasing, agreeable, delightful, amiably pleasant, kind, polite, and friendly… giving pleasure or joy, good and enjoyable, exhibiting courtesy and politeness.

Do that stuff. Be that stuff. 😀

If what you are about to do, or what you’re about to say, or what you’re about to type cannot be described by one of those words: Don’t do it, Don’t say it, Don’t type it.


The Opposite of Nice includes: unpleasant, unkind, inappropriate, indecent, indelicate, unbecoming, improper, offensive, vulgar, disagreeable, and careless.

Don’t do the opposites of Nice.


Whining, complaining, looking for problems, using crude, rude, or violent humour, stealing, lying, being intrusive or disrespectful of other people’s space/time/beliefs/ decisions/etc, being bossy, opinionated, or pushy, being self-absorbed and unaware of how your actions affect others, being a show-off or attention hog, calling someone names, putting others down, bragging and telling others how you’re better than them, being irresponsible, being passive-aggressive (in an attempt to have your own way “nicely”), using chat to publicly “call someone out” or air upsets, being confrontational, not following rules, asking to break or bend the rules to suit yourself (since you’re just That special?)… those are Not Nice.

Don’t do those.

All of this applies to in-game behavior, in-game chats, Skype chats, Raidcall chats, Twitch chats, Facebook posts, Twitter posts, Youtube comments, forum posts, and any future online spaces I may be connected to.

Do you really need me to explain this further? 😀

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