Officer Information, for Officers

I chose officers with a great deal of thought and consideration. If you’ve been picked for that status you can be assured I think you are both a remarkable human being and someone that I have reason to trust, admire, and respect. In addition to all that, you’re also someone that has shown me they will take my feelings, needs, and goals into consideration before they say or do something that could inadvertently cause me stress or upset.

You have shown your ability to get on well with a large variety of people, and have given me reason to believe you will handle problems in a way that will make me proud I selected you for this position.

There are other people that fit into all of that, and yet, you have been someone that stood out and caught my notice. I will be depending on you; I am trusting you with the running of the worlds I love, the community of people I care for, and, the future of my servers and my Youtube channel. You have, in a real (and rather scary to me) way, the ability to change my future, for good or ill.

I am depending on you to live up to that trust.

Officers are not “above the rules”. They are in fact the people from whom I will expect far more. You are expected not only to enforce the rules, but to follow them in an exemplary way. You are required to Show others how to behave in game and chats.



– You are required to give me updates and reports on server happenings.

– You cannot make choices that will go against my own hopes and needs for these servers and my Youtube channel. You cannot presume, take over, or “take care of the little lady”. I know you already know what that means. πŸ˜€

– You will be be the first line in handling disputes or problems between members, and in fielding suggestions, requests, etc from our members. I trust you will do so in a way that makes me proud of your position and takes the feelings of others into account.

– You can ban people for misbehaving; without notice if you choose. You can ban people for irritating you if you choose. lol (I’m laughing, but that’s actually true.)

– You can counsel people for inappropriate actions or inappropriate chat comments, you can remove them from chat groups, and give them warnings about any topic that arises. You will of course make sure those warnings are in accord with the way I see the universe.

– You will keep records up-to-date and make sure that I have all appropriate information.


With Officer status will come certain “perks”. You are doing the work, you will have whatever meager rewards I can offer.

You will have Ops or Creative gamemode and can choose to use creative gamemode or not as you wish.
You must still meet all the requirements outlined elsewhere.

You will get first choice of biomes and may choose to have more than one.

You will have great input on who new members will be, and great input on who gets to stay.

You will be able to promote your channels/streams in my online spaces. That includes but is not limited to: Raidcall, Skype, Facebook,, etc.
You must still meet all the requirements outlined elsewhere.

You will be able to record in your countries and perhaps in public venues, such as group builds. (We will chat about the later on a one-at-a-time basis.)
You must still meet all the requirements outlined elsewhere.

You will have much freedom in regards to group builds (when, where, what, etc), mods we install, and you will have a lot of say in the direction my servers take in the future.

You will have my eternal gratitude and thanks for making it possible to keep these servers online and keep me healthy (and more-or-less sane) at the same time. πŸ˜€


What you cannot and shouldn’t do:

– become the taxi service for people that know you can tp them places
– listen to, or even answer people asking you to give them creative gamemode for any reason
(if there are exceptions, you already know about them)
– become a material supply and delivery company for people too lazy to dig a hole
– listen to members whine about how they β€œlost everything” and hinting that You replace them
– let members take you away from a quiet day of building your own Minecraft vision

Remember, you are Officers to help Me. Officers and Ops/Creative status is not here for the ease of server members. When you are not helping me, you are supposed to be playing Minecraft! πŸ˜€

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