Not Reading or Being Aware of this Information

Asking me or the Officers questions that have been answered in here will remove your Member in Good Standing status. (There is a Special Section on that, please do read it.)

Asking for something special, when it’s already dealt with in this huge section of my site, will do the same.

“I didn’t know” is Never a good reason and cannot be used as an excuse.

It is Your responsibility to know this information. I (and my Officers and family members) took weeks of consideration, meetings, and discussions, and spent many days of revising, editing, and typing to get this information to you so our lives, both mine and yours, can be as stress-free and happy as possible in my worlds.

When you first joined us, you were asked the question, “Have you read the rules?” You answered Yes or you would not be on one of my servers. You not taking the time to become familiar with this information shows disrespect for me, disrespect for my Officers, and disrespect for the community you are asking to enter or are already a part of. If you simply lied to me and don’t even know the rules, it only makes it worse. So, asking questions that are already answered in the rules could see you removed from the servers.

I am aware we all make mistakes. I do not like and respect people based on them being perfect! I like and respect people based on their ability to work together and improve situations as we go. Mistakes happen and will never be held against you.

What I am talking about are the actions, inaction, behaviors, or posts/chat on your part that indicate a pattern of disregard for the rules, or that indicate you’re not even aware of the rules, or indicate you believe you are above the rules; those will mean your removal from the server.

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