Practical Jokes and Joking Around

While I hate what I am about to write, it seems asking people to be kind and aware of the way their actions affect other people hasn’t always worked out as well as I hope.

So here are the New Official Rules Regarding Practical Jokes and Joking Around:

Practical Jokes are Absolutely Forbidden:

– during group/team building projects
– during recorded events
– and any time you have creative gamemode for any reason

You are never allowed, under any circumstances, in any place, at any time, to use creative gamemode ability for joking around and practical jokes. Not even Officers.

You are never allowed to use creative gamemode ability for setting traps, encasing people, pouring lava, creating human pincushions, spawning mobs or animals all over, pouring potions on other people, going invisible and spying, building “funny” things, or doing “funny” things.

There will be no exceptions to this rule and extremely little, if any(!) leeway or forgiveness given.

When Practical Jokes Are Allowed

Practical jokes are allowed between you and a good friend(s) (in survival mode only) and only when practical jokes are a normal and happily accepted method of the friendship and interaction between you.

All sides must agree they are always enjoying the process. You need to make sure they like it as much as you think/hope they do; what if they just don’t want to confront you, or are trying to be nice? If they later complain or grumble about your actions to someone else, you will still be held responsible. You may be warned once or you may be removed from the server.

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