How to Join (and stay in) Westmarch

If you are invited to join us and you break a rule that is posted (and explained far too much already) or ask questions that have already been answered in print you could be summarily removed from the server. In short, this entire section is here to save my time, please don’t continue to waste it asking things already answered.

How to Apply for Memebership

Get familiar with this information section; know what you’re getting into. That is in your best interest far more than ours.

Then complete the Westmarch Application Form in full and hit “Submit.”

You will receive a Confirmation message after submitting the form – that means we received it. Don’t message us asking if we’ve looked at it. Don’t pester us to know when we’re going to announce new members. Please be patient; depending upon current builds in progress and events already in the works it could be weeks or months before we decide to do another round of invitations.

New Memberships will be determined by a Vote of Your Peers (a group of senior members of Westmarch) and as based on the following criteria:

We’ve seen your name and comments enough in Eva’s Youtube posts and comments, or in Eva’s livestreams, or on her Facebook page that we’ve come to “know” you and like you.

We’ve come to believe you are both a nice person and that you are likely to Play Nice and Follow Rules.

Your comments in Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Livestreams chats have caused you to make friends within Westmarch who may then be inclined to vote for your inclusion within the group.

Following Rules counts. If you’re sending messages, or making posts, that clearly demonstrate to us that you’ve not been paying attention (or show us that you feel you are above the rules) you will not be invited.

Getting to Stay in Westmarch

For the first few months of your stay with us senior members of the server will be voting on whether or not they want to keep you around. The vote is completely anonymous (no names or IPs are logged) and voting members are not required to give reasons.

We felt it necessary to add this mechanic to our process because we have discovered a number of times when people were very nice to Eva, or when she is around, and caused all sorts of stress to others. What we have is a community; and it is the community who will decide whether or not you become, and stay, a part of it.

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