Group Builds, Big Events, and Team Leaders

When we invite new people to the servers we like to build something fun to welcome them. Sometimes we have other special events or holidays or celebrations on our servers that require the efforts of many people. If you have a great idea for an event or build or venue please do write to Colourslide and let him know about it!

Please do your homework first, and then present as much of the following as possible to Colourslide for future consideration:

– what is the build for
– do you have a plan or sketch or photo of what you’re attempting
– what possible server issues may arise from whatever mods you intend to use in the build
– are you prepared to work with our Event Manager (Colourslide) on all aspects of the build and support his (final) decisions and the work required to make the build run smoothly

– do you have rules and explanations worked out for the events in the venue

– what date will the build be completed (I will be recording your build, fulfilling dates and deadlines matter)
– how many people will be required
– who has agreed and committed to helping
– how many people have committed to showing up for the event itself

– how are you planning to advertise your event to other members of the servers
– what are you using to communicate the information people will need to plan to attend

Team Leaders

If you think you have what it takes to be a Team Leader and head up a big build yourself: to everything above you must understand the following…

Team Leaders are special people. They get to have ultimate say in what the build will be, and have final say on many (not all) aspects of the build. It’s way fun to come up with a grand and glorious design and then get a team of people to make your dream and vision come true! OMG, heady stuff. 😀 You will get a lot of praise and recognition from me, your fellow members, and people seeing your build in my Youtube or Twitch channels.

With that power and freedom comes responsibility.

Team Leaders will be held responsible for meeting deadlines and dates.

They will be held ultimately responsible for everything that goes wrong and any rules that are broken.

They will be required to deal with all hurt egos, conflicts of taste, arguments, anger, breaking of rules, and any other problem that can show up during a high-pressure team project.

They will be required to deal with all problems in a quiet, private, and professional manner. “Calling someone out in public” for doing something wrong may get You banned, not them.

If you’ve settled on a date for completion, I will be making plans in “real life” for a livestream. I, and others, may have to change plans, cancel other events, pay a babysitter, or miss work to be there. Missing your deadline will be considered a very big deal.

You must have the build completed at least a full 24 hours before the scheduled livestream and be available for at least 6 hours before the livestream event is to start to deal with any last minute issues or problems that may arise. Failing to do so may mean your removal from the server – that is how serious I take this particular matter.

What you can’t do is get a Great Idea….get excited…. play around at building it…. then leave Me and others to deal with completing it at the last minute. I can list 49 times this happened to me in my World of Warcraft guild, I have no intention of living through Number 50.

If several people on your team complain or grumble about your leadership style, You are in trouble, not them. You must pull of a successful build AND do so in a way that does not tear My community apart.

I do not accept Co-leaders for teams. You can chose to have as many ‘second-in-commands” you want since it’s your team. But YOU are responsible for their actions and decisions.

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