Member in Good Standing

I will always give people the benefit of the doubt. Everyone starts their time on my servers a Full Member in Good Standing.

However, many things can remove that status and put you, quietly and privately, on a sort of ‘Watch List’.

Ignoring the rules, being a time-hog (See the Special Section The Bottom Line), not understanding or being willing to accept the concept of Playing Nice, irritating fellow members, forcing me to write you to talk about behaviour or chat issues, etc can all put you on the ‘Watch List’. That is Step One towards your removal.

I do not have a set time period for Watch List status, nor will I spend the time to write you messages telling you that you are not in Good Standing any longer. I’m sure you know as well as I do when you’ve made that move. You probably know it even better than I do. 😀

If you require more than the information in all these pages (!) to stay in Good Standing, you clearly do not belong in my worlds.

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