General Info

I am looking for mature (of whatever age), independent, friendly, adventurous, creative, honest, positive, and kind people – who have the time to build on my Survival Mode Minecraft Servers.

I run these servers to support my Youtube and Twitch channels.

Your joining us is an agreement between us:

– I pay the bills and spend the time to keep the servers running so you have access to your game and builds and our lovely community.

– You build a country that allows me to have something to record for my channel. You are not required to be in the recordings unless you want to, but I will be recording stuff.

If you need/require/desire constant chatting and joking around and company to have fun playing Minecraft you’re probably asking to be on the wrong server. Many of us are happy to work in quiet solitude for hours on end.

If a big reason you want to be on my server is to “hang out lots with Eva!” or send messages like “OMG Eva come and see what I did!” the moment I log in, you’re very sweet, but, you are in for a disappointment. In my job I talk all day. I record and talk through all the other games I play. Minecraft is my last “go-to place” when I’m exhausted and my brain hurts and I need to relax in the quiet. On tired days all I want to do is quietly dig a hole and not talk at all. I may love you like crazy, but please be warned that sometimes I won’t want to talk to you and sometimes I won’t want to see what you’re doing.

If you’re still interested, keep reading.

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