Attendance and Building Requirements

I run these servers to support my Youtube and Twitch channels.
And because Minecraft is the Best Game in the Universe. 😀

Your joining us is an agreement between us:

– I pay the bills and spend the time to keep the server running so you have access to your game and builds.

– You build a community/country that allows me to have something to record for my channel. (You are not required to be In the recordings unless you want to, but I will be recording stuff.) And you follow the rules.


Please do not ask to join us if your life or circumstances will not allow you to actually participate in a real and valuable fashion. If you do not log in often enough, or do not build enough to fulfill the reason I pay the expenses for our worlds, you are breaking our agreement.

If you are more of “I just like to mine or explore or hang out with your great people” sort of player, my servers are not for you. You are welcome to join our Raidcall to hang out with folks, but please don’t ask to join one of the Minecraft servers. I’ll delete you later and that hurts everyone.


You are required to play Regularly.
You are required to build your part of our community.


Attendance Requirements

I do not want to have to place an actual value on the word ‘Regularly’. I understand that life has its moments, and rhythms, and changes and I want to stay reasonable and flexible in such matters.

However, if you log in only a couple of times a month, and I realize that is your general pattern, you are not ‘playing regular’.

If you log in relatively often to chat, but don’t build much, and I realize that is your general pattern, you are not ‘playing regular’.

There are many short term reasons to not be on at all; but you are wise to let me know you won’t be around for a while.

Vacations, illness, job changes, family responsibilities, exam periods, workshops, computer malfunctions, financial difficulties, and many other things are valid reasons for not being around for periods of time. But temporary things (even if temporary may be months long) are not the same as a general pattern of not being around. And if I don’t know you’re in a temporary hiatus (because you didn’t bother to tell me), then all I know is that you are not playing and I will act accordingly.

Few warnings or discussions are likely to be had regarding this issue.

I have found over the years that warning someone they may be removed soon from a game guild or Minecraft server generally means they make great effort to show me it’s all different now, but they most often simply fall back into the same pattern (especially of poor attendance) very quickly. There is the very real possibility that you will only learn you’ve been removed from the server(s) after I have removed you.

Whether or not you get a warning regarding this one issue is very much an individual circumstance decision on my part alone. It’s best to consider this page your one warning.

However, the longer you have been with us, and the more you’ve already built, the more leeway you will have in this area. Seniority counts.

If you are removed because of your attendance record, and your life circumstances change in the future you may certainly ask to join us again. 😀


Building Requirements

I do not want to have to place an actual value on what or how much you must build. A large range of building styles and tastes are allowed; however, there is less leeway in Quilllbriar than in The District.

On both servers: if you are building one giant sculpture of some sort, miles and miles of train tracks, the biggest hole in history, or random machines all over the place, you are probably not building part of the “community” or “country” (buildings, homes, towns, villages, castles, shops, etc) you may find yourself in violation of our standards.

This is clearly a grey area and I apologize for not having a firmer outline, however, I want to allow as much creative scope as possible and hope that you are clever enough to have watched what is already recorded and have something you want to build that will fit, in some fashion, within our worlds.

If you are in doubt about your plans, please don’t hesitate to discuss them with Officer first.

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