Officers List

Server Owner: Eva

Pays the bills, takes care of server and launcher, records your builds and events, makes final decisions.


Eva’s Second in Command: Colourslide

Go-to guy for events, builds, membership problems, suggestions, assignments, questions not covered by the rules, etc. Colourslide is also our Event Manager; his say is final on all matters regarding team/public builds.


Eva’s Personal Assistant: Essentia Modica

Most things regarding Eva personally, scheduling recordings, and Play Nice Moderator in all spaces. Works behind the scenes with the other Officers.


Captain of the Guard: Briarstone (Paradox_Pilot)

Things regarding Eva personally; her protector. He should also be seen as an advisor and resource for fellow Officers.


General Assistant: PyroTyger

Assistant to Colourslide and Essentia.


Eva’s Technical Assistant: HaighYorkie

Trains Eva and troubleshoots server emergencies.


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