Minecraft Server Information

–This section (below) is about to be “updated”. Translation: most of it tossed out. I pity the poor person having to wade through it all, and if you really need this much information to play nice, I probably won’t be keeping you on the server anyway.

In the place of all this… stuff, I am adding the artwork, lore, writing, screenshots, and art gallery items from my server. This section is about to become a whole lot more fun. :D–


If you think you’d like to join Westmarch and become part of our Minecraft community you’d do well to become familiar with this entire section. “Familiar” does not mean you must know and memorize all this! It means you need to know it’s here so that if a question or issue comes up you know where to find the answer.

Most of the pages in this section are simply explanations of things that have come up often enough I decided to type it once for everyone to read as required. (I’m told this is a lot to read; so you’ll understand it’s been a lot for me to type 4 times a week for 2 years.)

Really, there are only Three Rules in my online world:

1. Understand Good Manners and Exercise Them Daily
2. Respect Your Fellow Members
3. Play Nice (a totally redundant add-on of Rules 1 and 2)


However, I have been at times dismayed at how many people don’t understand manners and what they actually mean in our day-to-day interaction with others.  All the rest of the many pages below were written as each was required to deal with actual problems and repeated questions.


* General Information

* How to Join (and stay in) Westmarch

* Server Rules

* The Bottom Line

Then other things that have come up, read as required:

* Not Reading or Being Aware of the Rules

* Play Nice

* Links You’ll Want to Keep Handy

* Technical Info – If a Map Crashes

* Officer List

* Officer Information, for Officers

* Officer Information, for Server Members

* Livestreamed and Recorded Events

* Attendance and Building Requirements

* Respect the World You’re In

* Promotion of Your Channels in My Spaces

* Recording on My Servers

* Practical Jokes and Joking Around

* Group Builds, Big Events, and Team Leaders

* If Disagreements or Tensions Arise

* Seniority Counts

* Special Privileges

* Member in Good Standing

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  1. Zkribbler says:

    I’m confused. You say, “My Youtube channel was stagnant and dead … I was done. I had to close it up,” but you end, saying: “I have time to play and record! OMG life is good.”

    Is your Youtube channel dead or not? You haven’t posted in a couple of weeks, and I miss you.

    [I’m guessing “Relish Every Word” is dead, or at least hibernating].

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  3. Riki Nazeboo says:

    You have any experience with game servers? Is it better to be on Linux or Windows?

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