Membership Status

I have decided to implement a new procedure in accepting and keeping members of our Minecraft community.

From today on, new members will be voted in by a random group made up of active senior members of Westmarch* and my Mods in Twitch (who are also Officers in my Skype, Raidcall, and other groups).

The acceptance of new members will depend on the impressions made to our community and not just to me. If the community likes you, you’ll get the votes. 😀

(Please read the edited version of “Joining (and staying in) Westmarch” for further information.)

New members will be invited in a probationary capacity. Each month during that period their continued presence on the server will be voted on by active, senior members and the chat mods. The vote is completely anonymous (no names or IPs) and no explanation for a No vote is required.

What we have is a community, and I feel strongly that the community needs an un-pressured voice in keeping itself happy. New members don’t have to impress me, they have to become a welcomed part of the community.

I love the sound of that! 😀

Please Note:
A modified version of this procedure will be instigated within our World of Warcraft guilds, all online chat spaces, and other community games. I think it is better to give long time, trusted members an easy forum to deal with their stresses, than to force them to file complaints before I learn of problems that are kept out of my view.

* Previously Quillbriar and/or The District

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