Lisan Ra Brendel – FAQs

Rolled the old fashioned way; only one try, with dice, and 2 people watching (Briar and Krista.)
Any additions for race, class, etc, are already included below.

Half Elf Ranger (Hunter)
Female, 32 years old

Strength: 15
Dexterity: 18
Constitution: 13
Intelligence: 15
Wisdom: 15

Background: Outlander
(Homesteader, guide, hunter-gather all fit her history)

Feat: Healer
(traded for a core stat point to help a 3 party group deal with a 4-5 man adventure; and because it fits her history)

Armor: Studded Leather

Weapon: Bow (has been known to use a kitchen knife or hand axe)

Inventory: includes Herbalism Kit and Healer’s Kits

Fighting Style: Archery

  • Her family and the wellness of the earth are her ruling passions.
  • Raised by homesteading, healer mother and elf ranger father; and has 6 older brothers. She grew up tending animals and gardens, wandering the forests and learning from her father, and being taught healing arts from her mother.
  • She feels compelled to help where help is needed. She worked as a guide when reaching adulthood, and returned to the family farm and took over as the area’s main healer after her mother’s death.
  • She has an issue with orcs.