It’s Hereee

The new Minecraft server was opened on a day I shall never forget! Easter of 2015 is a day I will always see as a Turning Point in my life. Because it was, yeah? 😀

So Westmarch is opened!

I have been wondering what to call my new country in Westmarch. I’ve considered Kildonan, New Lecleigh, West Lothian, and several sort-of-Scottish sounding things but have been unable to pick just one.

Then this morning while I waited on ground beans and water to become coffee my mind wandered to this time last year and of my growing excitement that a trip to Scotland was rapidly approaching. I remembered castles and sea breezes and hours spent with loving people. I thought of a day in Appleby-in-Westmoreland that fulfilled a decades long dream of seeing gypsy horses with gypsy people. I thought of Craig and I belting out Let It Be and choking on laughter as we drove south into Cumbria on a typical UK morning; one filled with sparkling sunshine and splatters of rain.

Westmoreland! Which sits on the River Eden. New beginnings, filled with gardens and a taste of forbidden fruit. I’m in Westmarch… and…. er… I now have more land? It made me laugh. 😀

And it makes me happy.

Westmoreland it is! I am home.

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