Youtube: My Links and Yours!

Please visit my Youtube Channel: 

Visit my Son-in-Law’s Channel (with his millions and millions of views!):
Let’s Play Games with Quill18!

Visit my Bestest Friend’s Channel, he’s getting new subscribers at a crazy rate – his videos are tense and exciting!

Visit another great friend, and Best Dungeon Master in the History of D&D, Demonac!
Trust me, you do not have to even like D&D to enjoy this romp through fantasy. 😀
Tales From My D&D Campaign


If you’re a Subscriber to aKiss4Luck and have a channel of your own please feel free to post your link here to share it with others. Just add it to the Reply section below – but don’t “nest” the replies; we want to be able to see all the links easily.

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  1. azb10 says:

    hey everyone I run a small gaming channel and if you would like to see it feel free to check it out I record using my phone but I am slowly upgrading to fraps and other recording software.

  2. Hi all

    My youtube channel has been around for 2 years now, and it’s only been the past few months I have been trying to make a go of it. I was recently partnered with SocialBlade/RPM Network, but have a long way to go yet having only 175 subscribers, but from little acorns right? :).
    So if you would like to check out my channel it would really be appreciated :).

    Steve 🙂

  3. eph39 says:

    Hello! I am a new gaming YouTuber who would really appreciate your views comments etc. I have some SimCity videos and I am working on producing some others! Thankyou!

  4. Mgame1988 says:

    I used to Let’s Play about three years ago and had to take a long hiatus. However, I am back to playing and recording. So far, I have been doing NES games, but will branch to Genesis, SNES, and other past console games. Whenever I get a new computer, I might get some newer games and LP them as well. For extra, a link on my channel leads to another channel I have that is for my voice acting. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my work.

  5. CherokeeGuy says:

    Ok, I’m a little shy about doing this, but here goes. I am just a rookie LPer on YouTube who has been doing so for a year now. I have 2 channels: Best@Spyro, wich is my original channel, and CherokeeGuy45, wich I will start using after I finish my current LP. I like to focus on PlayStation games such as Spyro, Final Fantasy, etc. I am currently on Hiatus because I have just finished my Senior year in High School, and I am setting up for graduation. I hope to continue recording ASAP.

    Here are the links to my channels:

  6. Azareal says:

    I noticed this page after taking a quick look at this site and it seems like an appropriate place to post this..

    My channel on YouTube was Asareal which was growing at a decent speed until, one of the new updates came in which caused it to be locked at ~500 subs for quite a long time.
    I do a number of games from DS to some console ones and more recently.. PC Games and I did a test Minecraft run at one point where I fiddled with all sorts of recording software.

    With console games, I’ve mostly been focussing on more classic PS1/PS2 games like the Spyro Trilogy or my more recent one.. The Two Kingdom Hearts Games.. although, I’m also slowing drifting through several Final Fantasy games on the DS.

    For PC Games, I touched on Minecraft for a short while although, it was overally a dissatisfying run due to technical issues along with people constantly showing their negative opinions of the run however, I recently re-entered the sandbox resource management building (aka a game like Minecraft) space with a game called Masterspace which is like Minecraft (asides from lack of blockiness) but, you have different planets and so forth which you can travel between.


    Coming Soon Channels:

  7. HeadWound says:

    Welcome back everybody. I am Headwound (aka Kevin) and I am a LONG time gamer. I’ve even had an official gaming website many years ago in the birth of the internet. which you can see some images. I called it the Game Depot. The wayback machine shows some images of the site. and just before selling the site in late 2000 . I play any game that strikes my interest and I prefer to stick to PC games.

    I started a YouTube channel in the hopes that my daughter Beautfl Nurd would get some experience in front of the camera, play games with me and learn video editing and website design.

    My favorite games at this time are Minecraft, Don’t Starve, Dead Island Riptide, and SimCity 2013. I enjoy coop gaming as well and if anyone wants to play Minecraft, SimCity 2013, Counter Strike: GO, or a new game Hammerwatch, just shoot over to my YouTube and PM me.

    My channel

  8. bluejack287 says:

    After several years of watching YouTube LPers (such as aKiss4Luck and Quill18), I have taken the plunge and started a channel of my own. Presently my focus is on strategy, simulation, and city-builders. I have a few ideas for other games in the future, but we’ll say how everything plays out.

    The link for my channel is below. Please drop by and check it out! I hope you’ll enjoy your stay. See you on screen!

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