Dungeons & Dragons Times And Places

Sunday Morning Heroes is our weekly Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition) campaign.

It airs at a European-friendly 8:00 am Eastern Daylight Time (-0400 UTC) — that’s 13.00 BST, 14.00 CEST, and 5:00am Pacific! Follow this link to see the current local time for our players.

We’ll be alternating the livestreams between my channel and Briarstone’s

My Channel – As Primary Hostess
(I’ll be hosting the game when it’s streamed from Briar’s channel)

Briarstone’s Channel – He’s the Dungeon Master
(He’ll be hosting the game during my streams)

And you can watch the game hosted on Quill18’s Channel too!

You will also be able to see the videos on:

Briarstone’s Youtube Gaming Channel
Quill18’s Youtube Gaming Channel
Demonac’s Youtube Gaming Channel
And my channel too:
aKiss4Luck’s Youtube Gaming Channel

You’ll have to check them all to see what edits or surprises the guys add. 😀