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Mail to Briar, Quill, Essentia, or myself:
c/o Evangeleigh
PO Box 2301, Station A
Sudbury, Ontario, P3A 4S8

I have a group on Discord, but you’ll have to drop by a livestream in Twitch to get an invitation. T-shirts and other lootz are on the way too.

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  1. Zkribbler says:

    I am loving your videos!

    11 Gargoyles is awesome. As soon as I can figure out how to convert my body from flesh and blood into pixels, I’ll be checking in.

    In Minecraft, my suggested name for the underground town for your heliophobes is “Wombhaven,” a place of refuges from the deadly rays of the sun.

    For the Felius home, I have a cart full of suggestions: (1) Turn the TV area 90 degrees so that the TV is mounted on the front wall and the couch is parallel to that wall. I think it would be more inviting. (2) Replace the wooden front door with a glass door or a pair of glass doors. This will make it a more inviting entrance for your intended victims. (3) Put the bar in the open area next to the door. That way, your guests can be handed a drink as soon as they walk in. If possible, knock a hole in the wall closest to the outside fountain and replace the flowerbed outside with bar stools. You wondered if your bar should be indoor or outdoor–this way it can be both. (4) At first, I was offended when you impinged on your backyard by nudging your kitchen back into it. But then I realized, a backyard is to give the family a place to hang out; however, that purpose is already served by the front yard. You need no backyard. So, move your kitchen even further back, which will obliterate your backyard but give you more floorspace inside the Felius’s home. –Just suggestions which hopefully will make that place even mo’ betta’.

  2. Eva says:

    “a more inviting entrance for your intended victims” Got me laughing!

    Gave me a whole new way of thinking of the house. 😀 I love this. Thanks!

  3. Zkribbler says:

    Your new banner is the best I’ve seen on the Internet. The towers, trees, and stall tents peeking up above the wall beckon me across your new covered bridge. There’s adventure and beauty on the other side. It looks like a wonderland!

    BTW: Your videos have convinced me to never, ever play Minecraft. I would get so hooked on that game that humanity would never hear from me again. It’s bad enough that a certain gentleman whose name begins with a “Q” got me hooked on “Out of the Park Baseball.” At least that I can, from time to time, put down.

    I watched the furnishing of the Felius’ home. As you feared, it was a little slow, but I have a magical button at the bottom of my screen which can jump me forward in time. I didn’t use it all that much, however, because I’m trying to absorb your talent for interior decorating. It took me three years to build my house. During construction, the mahogany benches in the living room were fine, but now that construction is over, I need something more homey. I wish my brain was as facile as yours on this subject. Oh, and thank you for Eleven Gargoyles!

    You commented on your SimCity live stream about the lack of trolls. But listen, you have such a sweet and gentle personality that trolling you would be akin to kicking a puppy. Who could do such a horrible thing??

    BTW: I don’t watch your Living Dead videos. I may love ya’ to death, but I HATE zombies. If there are going to be zombies around, count on me to be somewhere else.

    • Eva says:

      Soooo.. I shouldn’t mention that I bought a Minecraft server today and am working on how to make it all work? kk, I won’t say a thing. 😀

      And don’t feel bad about not watching the Walking Dead series – I hate zombies too. I just love the writing so much… I just don’t look at the bad bits. I’ve become rather good at aiming, looking away, and then clicking and doing whole fights where I don’t see a thing. It’s a talent. lol

      Thank you Zkribbler for this lovely post. It’s appreciated.


  4. Zkribbler says:

    I’ve been wandering around Eleven Gargoyles, looking for suggestions that would make it even mo’ betta.’

    I see two potential spots for the stables. One is to remove the putting greens and replace them with stables. An exit could be added next to the secret door, so that Tawny and her guests could ride out into the countryside. The other place would be if you can acquire the land behind the chapel. It looks to me like there’d even be room for some corrals over there.

    One of your posters commented that because there are so few rooms, you must charge exorbitant prices. Technically, that’s probably true, but no one ever asked how Fawlty Towers could stay in business with its few guests.

    If you do decide to add more rooms, the only place I can see to do that is to lift the attic of the old wing up one floor and add a new level of rooms underneath it. This has an added bonus of maybe ending the street-end of the old wing with another turret, with a honeymoon suite inside. You have a wedding chapel; you should have a honeymoon suite.

    My plan might not work because I know you’ve used Eleven Gargoyles in two books and a game, and so architectural changes might no longer be possible.

    Oh yeah, I tried to move the conference room to make space for more guest rooms but I could find no reasonable place to move it to. The basement would be the logical place, but it’s full.

    Some bottles of wine might be missing from your wine cellar, but it wasn’t me that took them. Honest.

  5. Eva says:

    The basement could always be expanded – I do have room on that level. Hummm…. 😀

    The rooms are pricey. In the book I’ve actually dealt with the running of the hotel somewhat (more probably needed). The chess club is a large one with headquarters in London and has regular events, the conference room is very popular in high-end circles and certain political members use it for private meetings too (Tawny Davoncourt is Lady Harold, wife of Lord Harold Davoncourt), the sort of people that do stay there can afford the rooms, the restaurants and pub are the only entertainment venues in the area except for a ancient old pub in the village and the locals regularly dine and visit there, there is an dig site on the grounds, historical tours of castle, grounds, and gardens, and bottom line is the hotel was given to Tawny as a wedding present to give her something to do that befitted her new position. Money isn’t really an issue. 😀

  6. Zkribbler says:

    A missing persons case solved my Tawny Davoncourt!

    4 years ago when I moved to the Philippines, I lost contact with my kid sister. This talk of hotel management reminded me that, once upon a time, she mentioned she planned to go into hotel management in California once her husband retired. I used this info to do a new search for her and found her looking for an HR job in Oregon (close enough). So I just sent her an email. Let’s see if she responds or wants to stay lost.

  7. Zkribbler says:

    Sigh. No response. My sister’s birthday is in one week. I’ll try again then.

    Q: A few days ago, I bought Sims 3 (with Pets) because I was envious of the houses you’ve been building. I want to do that too. But my sims are just going to work, coming home, and playing a little with their horse, before falling asleep and doing that all again the next day. We have only ~700 in the bank, nowhere near enough to start building houses. –How are you doing it? You appear to be spending a fortune. One poster implied that you’re playing in sandbox, but I can find no sandbox mode.

  8. Eva says:

    If I just want to build (and not necessarily “play” the game right off) I use a cheat that is built into the game. 😀

    Use your Control, then Shift, then C key all together. You’ll get a sort of shadowed text bar across the top of your screen. In that bar type in motherlode and press enter. That will give you $50,000 just like that. Do that a few times and you can build castles. 😀

  9. Zkribbler says:

    Thanks to your tip about the cheat code, my fantastic spy mansion is now done! My three spies had their first meal in it (autumn salad) and are fast asleep. And thank you for the tip about setting the alarm clock to the sim. Tomorrow morning, it should look like the beginning of the Le Mans Grande Prix as they all simultaneously jump in their cars and go racing off to work. And I must hire a maid or twelve.

  10. HeadWound says:

    Hello Eva, I started watching Quill18’s videos and saw he had you as a friend. Then I started watching your videos, 😯 . You made Lara die so many times, And each time your reaction was priceless. I’ve just started a YouTube channel for gaming and toys with my daughter and wanted to know how you are dealing with the Copyright issue that some (like myself) have run across. YouTube claimed a copyright issue on my second video I ever posted (yesterday). I guess I could do research as to why (sigh). But thought with your experience and knowledge that perhaps you could give me the short answer as to how you deal with Copyrights or give me a push in the right direction. And thanks ahead of time for ANY information you can give. 😀

  11. Zkribbler says:

    HeadWound, if you were just posting a vid of yourself playing a game, my best GUESS is that there was a musical score playing. Music companies are sometimes very picky about that.

    • HeadWound says:

      I did a little research and recall reading something at the youtube site that states that they may auto mark a video as copyright, but in truth it may not be. I’ve seen many a video with the intro in question and they all have been up for some time.

  12. Eva says:

    Like Zkribbler said, if there is music in the background the copyright thing can happen fast. You may have had a radio on? TV? But it can happen when it’s not really an issue too. These things are automated and as hard as it is to believe *gasp* computers make mistakes all the time. 😀

    There is a link in your channel for the copyright notices and you have different actions you can take. If you’re sure they are wrong, say so. Contest it and make Youtube actually check on things in person.

    If you discover you do have music or something else in the background that is likely copyrighted by someone else (as are all the games I play on my channel) it may still not be an issue. It will depend on the choices of the company in question.

    Many times you can simply chose to “acknowledge” the copyright content (as I’ve done in some of my Tropico vids) and all it well. Youtube may put a link up to the artist’s site or something if the artist in question requires it.

    In some cases Youtube will remove the video if the recording company requires that.

    In some cases, as has happened to one of my Tomb Raider videos, the music company doesn’t mind the music playing but they require payment in the form of advertising on my video. So Youtube placed ads on my page and the music artist gets to collect any money I may make from that page.

    I hope some of this helped a bit.

  13. Zkribbler says:

    Eva, the next time you do a Sims 3 video, would you explain to us how you take the colors and textures from one object and place it in another? I can’t figure out how to match my curtains with my bedspreads and my dishwasher with my kitchen counter tops. Thx.

  14. Lil_Jo says:

    Ehm btw Eva – where do you live? It wouldn’t be hard if it’s the UK, because of the same timezone 😉
    I recognized it as Quill was streaming and it was midnight where I live when he has started 😛

    Greetings Johannes

  15. ZxTrueChaosxZ says:

    Hey Eva
    Big Fan of yours and quills channel im a military member been deployed now for some time and have watched every video from quill’s and your sim city line and I would love to have the opportunity to play with the 2 of you if it is possible soon when I return… I need to still buy the game do a few upgrades to the comp, and get settled in again etc etc… but email me if you think this is something we can make happen

    • Eva says:

      TrueChaos, I look forward to having a chance to meet you. Supporting our soldiers is always near and dear to my heart; I can’t speak for Quill but I’m sure you and I can meet up in SimCity at some point. 😀

  16. DaveDuerden says:

    Hey Eva! Was great to finally have the time to attend one of your lives streams, it was fantastic. I asked you somethiong on a youtube video a while back “Can’t remember witch!?!” and i wanted you to take a look at what i was working on in Minecraft. If i am able to give you my map for you to look at. I am sure it could give you or someone else inspiration. I also wouldn’t mind if i could become a candidate in one of your invitations to the server. I didn’t know where to post this, so i put it both in here and one on facebook 😀 Any way. Take care Eva and take it easy.

  17. DeattoZombie says:

    HI! I know I haven’t commented a lot on your videos since I asked for the tutorial on Tropico, but I had a bit of computer issues, my grannies computer messed up so she had to use mine and I had to get a hard drive for my laptop before I could use it. I was wondering if I could still be able to join your server. I have my own gaming channel now on youtube now as well ^-^ I love this new laptop, I can run minecraft at max settings, as long as I don’t have it on max view distance because then java tells me to jump off a cliff and die. I hope you had a nice Vacation. My channel is ZaricaLP if you want to check it out. DZ out!

  18. Zkribbler says:

    I’ve caved into the latest Steam sale by buying the Paradise Island expansion. Yes, yes, I know; I’m already living in a tropical beach house. BUT…I want to build a houseboat and it’s cheaper to build one in a Sims3 game than in real life. Another reasons is that, if I tried to build a house on stilts over the water here, the federal eco-police would bust me for messing with their ocean. And in Sims3, I have a chance to be a merman…I just have to find some of that yummy mermaid kelp.

  19. Zkribbler says:

    Quill18 is playing Sims3 as a vampire. I really like the scenario he’s set up, but I hate the look of his vampire and hate the look of his vampire’s house. So I bought my own copy of Supernatural, fired up a game, and soon I began hating the look of MY vampire and of MY vampire’s house. [Isn’t that the way things always are?] So I tore down the house and started over, and set my vampire to his dresser to get a new set of clothes.

    About then, Eva showed us her hot-girl house. Ooooh, I got to get me one of those…if for no other reason than to give my vampire some snacks. I’m working on that: a house with 4 fairies, 3 humans, 1 witch and her black cat.

    I’ve discovered two non-talents that I need to improve on:

    (1) Designing vampire houses. I love big windows and lots of sunlight. Vampires don’t. Designing a house for one goes against every architectural belief I have.

    (2) Ladies’ make up. I have no experience with applying this, no education, no nuthin’. Yet my hot babes need it to look their best. Alas.

    The character I like best so far: Professor Plum. She’s a fairy who wears purple and who has the life’s goal of becoming a DNA forensic specialist. Other than the folks who make “Clue,” who says that Professor Plum has to be a stogie old geezer?

  20. Zkribbler says:

    It’s been a month since we’ve looked in on Kinder.

    Has she turned to drugs and prostitution since we’ve abandoned her? Is she living in a dumpster, drug addled and pregnant, with no hope for any kind of a future?

    [PS, have I guilt-tripped you enough so that you’ll post another episode??]

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