Cities Skylines Contest!

The Steppes of Katie O’Kat!

I thought this was such a grand name (worked out and picked by people in my livestreams on Twitch) that it needed a back story, a history. SO… I am holding a contest. 😀

The writer of the winning ‘official Steppes of Katie O’Kat history’ story, as chosen by me (and probably Essentia and Briarstone too), will receive one (1) game of their choosing (within reasonable limits; I probably can’t pay for a $179.00 game) that I will purchase for you and send your way.

Rules & Requirements:

To enter, you will first need to go to the Steam Workshop page for The Steppes of Katie O’Kat map.

The Steppes of Katie O’Kat
(You might want to watch the short video that goes with it.)


– Subscribe to the map and create your city.

– Send me 5+ screenshots of your completed city along with a short story telling me how the Steppes of Katie O’Kat got its name.

(minimum 500 words / max 1000 (or so) words) to
You must use the Subject Line: Steppes Contest in your email.

Due to my own limitations, only entries submitted in English will be considered. Please do not hesitate to submit a story if your first language isn’t English. I will be judging the stories based on their inventiveness and my own personal interest; using “proper” words and such will not be held against you.

The winning story (with edits by me as required for ‘proper’ English) will be:
– posted on my Steam group,
– on the Steam workshop page for the map,
– here on,
– talked about in my Facebook and Twitter accounts,
– and read aloud in a Youtube recording and a livesteam in Twitch.

Joining this contest means you are giving me full rights to post (and perhaps edit as required) your story (whether you win or not) and use it on all websites or publications now or in the future connected to aKiss4Luck. You own the copyrights, but you’re telling me I can show it off! 😀

The contest closes on June 21st (Summer Solstice), and the winner will be announced on July 1 (Canada Day).

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