Anthem of the QuillBriar Community

Sing to the tune of Danny Wallace’s Anthem of the Kingdom of Lovely

Verse 1:

Yesterday sure made me itchy

Twitch chats had me rather twitchy

Let’s not even mention

Youtube comments sections,

Everywhere, there was despair.

Verse 2:

Then I found a lady streaming

And a chat that left me beaming.

There’s no need to fear us,

Stay a while! You’ll hear us say,


We’ve got to get the world to see,

here, we live life happily.

With Eva and a kiss for luck,

We’ll build it beautifully.

With Bella close at hand,

She can make the day so grand.

In friendship, patience, and respect,

Together, we will stand.

Although the channel may be small, It’s the nicest of them all

a chat that’s built on kindness

where Essentia is the law.

Every member, do you part,

Be your best and have a heart,

Let’s plant a few more trees here just to start.


Community, we will weave.

In decency, we believe.

Anyone can be a Steve or Sim or Kiin

(Just not a mod)

Verse 3:

Elsewhere, let the trolls keep trolling,

Here, a happy tune is tolling.

We, from every nation,

join in celebration, today.

Chorus: (Repeat Twice)

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  1. Eva says:

    NOTE: I need singers to record this so we can combine them all into a chorus of members singing our anthem! 😀


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