100 Videos AND a party tonight. :D


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  1. ElderJymm says:

    Had tons of fun watching your stream. I was going to play my MineCraft world while watching you, but I was too entertained to do that.

    Although there were several “winners” during the event, I think the biggest winner was Emma and her family of Goats.

    They took the show! 🙂

  2. Lil_Jo says:

    I’ve seen the Opening event parts and than a question appeared: U’ve said another 8 people will be invited and spawned on another place in the world where they got colours too. iS this sort of dividing the world into groups which represents independent and different kingdoms or just for another “search for blocks and do sth-game”? 😛

    Greetings Jo

  3. Eva says:

    I am about to post something that I hope will answer your question. 😀

    • Lil_Jo says:

      We’ll see. Buy the way Co-op with Briarstone is awesome – he’s such kind of strange but in a cool way 😛
      Watching Star Trek with you two is quite entertaining 😉

  4. Congratulations on crossing that 100 video mark! I’ve enjoyed catching up on the stream recording as they turned up on YouTube, and I agree – I think Emma’s army of critters stole the show! Can’t wait to see the different kingdom styles as they rise from Quillbriar.

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